As cryptocurrency is becoming more popular and relevant in normal everyday life, it’s important to have the best people in the business to mine, sell, grow and market this relatively new financial venture. The sudden demand for these skills has led to an increase of jobs in the technology market per se. Even companies that are not centered in the technology industry are seeking out candidates with clear background knowledge in cryptocurrency. And let’s face it, this industry is exciting. Let’s take a look at what this new goldilocks industry is doing to the sales and tech hiring landscape.

How the Crypto Boom & Crypto Winter create opportunity

Adoption is growing across industries, even amongst established players: lifestyle brands (Nike, Adidas), payment providers (Visa), luxury brands (Burberry, LVMH, Porsche), tech and entertainment companies entering the metaverse race. According to Forbes companies like Geico, Uber, and eBay are searching for candidates with experience in “bitcoin” and “blockchain”. 

In addition, specialist Crypto companies are scaling fast. With this experience candidates are coming from all backgrounds into the technology job market. Candidates that have invested themselves in understanding more about Crypto are in a highly sought-after position in companies across the job market.

Candidates are also keen to join this industry and it’s often the #1 industry that they are interested in moving into. As recruiters in this space, we’ve seen a significant volume of hiring from crypto focused organisations in order to support their growth and business development plans. And we don’t see this stopping. 

With the right background and knowledge, people working in tech, sales or even financial sales and other related fields are moving into this space. This kind of adaptability leaves the door wide open for candidates to continue to learn alongside these emerging growth businesses. 

Skills to Have

Back in 2020, LinkedIn listed blockchain knowledge as a new and top hard skill to have. Cryptocurrency experience is one of the next skills on the list.

Tech professionals with specific hard skills in crypto are not currently easy to come by. Since the technology is so new, there are only a few really niche candidates that will be able to deliver the level of expertise. However, the skills that tech candidates already possess can often be transferred to the crypto job space. Same goes for Sales. There are lots of transferable skills that you can draw on and if you have interest in this area and want to learn more, this is the place for you. 

Benefits For Your Career

One of the biggest perks of learning skills in the crypto job market is the ability to constantly learn and grow. Having the opportunity to be involved in leading edge technology and emerging markets that are helping share the future of payments means lots of room for professional development. It also means a lot of opportunities that welcome creative thinking, as these companies continue to expand.

Times are Changing

This market is known for boom and bust. Our clients in the space are expecting non-linear market growth and crypto corrections and are planning for it. Few might still remember the crypto winter of 2018-2019: with so many NFTs issued in 2021 and 2022, we could expect some volatility in this space. 

From a recruiting perspective we don’t think you can ignore this sector and we expect hiring and interest in crypto to continue to grow, especially in the broader digital assets / alternative payments market. If you’d like to find out more about sales roles in the Crypto sector, we’d love to hear from you. And if your business is growing in this industry and is looking to attract some great talent, we think Finiti Search can help. 

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