Fintech’s big 5 for 2023


At the cutting edge of technology with big name firms and investment to match, Fintech is one of the most desirable areas to work in within the financial sector. 

But within Fintech, there are in-demand sub-sectors where top candidates are lining up to secure their next big role. 


  • Wealth management 

Digital transformation has been at the forefront of the financial services and banking industry. Over the past few years, the line between fintech and more traditional parts of the sector has become increasingly blurred. 

A traditionally more conservative part of the industry, wealth management has started its digital transformation journey with PwC’s Beyond Automated Advice Report naming it the third most likely field to be disrupted. 

With less than one in three providers even offering a mobile application according to the report, it’s an area that’s poised for rapid development and growth in 2023. 


  1. Payments innovation 

With ever-changing regulations and consumer expectations in the post-pandemic world, payments is a Fintech area that’s constantly innovating, drawing top talent to its doors. 

Combined with an increasing demand for transparency and responsibility, technology that helps firms meet regulatory requirements – RegTech – is a particular hot spot.

Of the almost 500 RegTech firms, the Deloitte RegTech Universe lists 41% as being focused on compliance. With just 38 of those firms focused on transaction monitoring, this could be an area to watch within RegTech and payments. 

Regulatory requirements continue to change and grow despite global economic challenges, so candidates looking for more job security are particularly attracted to this area of the industry. 

  • Financial crime and Anti-fraud tech 

Closely linked to RegTech and payments innovation, technology that helps beat fraudsters by spotting or even predicting financial crime is a high-growth area that appeals to top talent. 

It’s an area that thrives in difficult times, especially the Covid-19 pandemic. In the UK alone, pandemic-related scams amounted to £34.5 million and the FT reported that spam messages increased by 220% in the first month of the pandemic. 

Seemingly recession proof with high levels of job satisfaction, anti-fraud Fintech companies can expect to attract top candidates to open positions. 

  • ESG / Sustainability 

With a staggering 68% compound annual growth rate predicted over the next three years, it’s no wonder ESG was hailed as “the fastest and most attractive investment case in the fintech market” by KPMG

A considered, well-thought out approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) can help future-proof the organization by looking beyond today’s legislation to prepare for tomorrow. 

According to CBI, two-thirds of investors take into account a company’s ESG activity and risks when investing, and this will only rise throughout 2023. 

  • AI

The current darling of the tech world, one technology that will affect all of the above areas is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s continuing its meteoric rise across a whole range of sectors, and Fintech is no exception. 

From detecting fraud to providing better customer service, there are many applications within Fintech with the potential to help organisations drive efficiencies and revenue. 

Credit-decisioning technologies, for example, have increased revenue by 5-15% according to recent research from Mckinsey.

AI plays a central role in the next chapter of Fintech, and the industry’s star performers are either already working in AI or looking for it to be a significant part of their next organisation’s proposition. 


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