Inspiring Diversity in Fintech

| 3 min

A lack of diversity and underrepresentation of minorities are a battle that many industries are trying to combat. Within Fintech, it’s no different. Many of these obstacles are not unique to Fintech, and are rooted in century old notions or caused by a lack of outreach in minority communities.

The Hard Truth

How Championing Diversity Adds Value

Teams having a diverse range of thinking and voices are proven to pay off through:

Increased Revenue:top quartile for ethnic diversity and gender diversity are over 20 percent more likely to have more above-average profitability than those in the bottom quartile.

Higher Innovation: With Fintech companies so heavily reliant on innovation, fostering viewpoints from individuals with all different backgrounds and experiences can lead to more innovative brainstorming sessions. These then lead to new ideas or solutions that can help a company set itself apart from its competitors.

More Desirable Workplace: On the other hand, having a more diverse team will lead to a richer work environment. Employees will feel more accepted as individuals if diverse thinking and views are encouraged, which ultimately leads to higher retention rates.

Actions to Welcome Diversity

It takes more than a mere diversity statement to improve the numbers on minority disparity gaps, it requires action. What can be done to help lay a more diverse foundation in Fintech:

  • More Minority Role Models: Bold, transparent leadership of minorities who are currently in Fintech roles is important. Through marketing representation, keynote speakers at conferences, and acknowledgement within companies themselves.
  • Appropriate Support Systems: Make the work climate more welcoming for minorities who want to get their foot in the door in Fintech.
  • Access to Education: Be proactive and bring tech experience into the education system earlier to excite youth about the future of Fintech. Introduce more Fintech focused programs for female professionals to access.

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