Missing Out on Top Talent? Here’s the #1 Mistake You May Be Making


What motivates employers to use recruiters to fill roles? For us, it’s our extensive network we’ve spent 20+ years building up, our in-depth knowledge of the Fintech industry and the rigorous process we go through to find the perfect match. Our consultative approach to recruiting truly makes for an unparalleled experience.

Clients (employers) come to us because they know we help to improve the overall process and experience and can often speed things up, allowing them to focus on the right talent. However, too often employers come to us with their salary expectations already set and qualification criteria already set – which can be a big mistake.

Ready for the hard truth? Having the most disruptive technology doesn’t always mean you’ll end up on top.

We all know that the Fintech job market is growing at an exponential rate. And there’s no question about it – the candidates are calling the shots. With so many Fintech companies with open roles to fill, having the most disruptive and innovative technology might not be enough to attract and retain the best talent.

Additionally, with startup funding skyrocketing and big name players investing in their own Fintech branches, the competition for exceptional tech talent is extra hot. To excite the best candidates in the industry and be a top contender when they’re looking at multiple employers, it requires a more thought out approach to recruitment.

Cue in the magicians (AKA recruiters)!

As Fintech recruiters, we are happy to help with the heavy lifting and frankly, we love being a part of it. Starting the conversation with your recruiter before listing a role (even as early as 6 months before you plan to fill a role) can make all the difference in making a job more attractive to potential candidates and finding the perfect fit. The major benefits:

  • Getting Industry Insight – One of the biggest reasons why candidates pass up and/or leave jobs is non-competitive salaries and benefits. As experts in the space, we know what the industry standards are and can help you keep up with current trends, so your organisation stays competitive. Being competitive = increased visibility, interest, and attention. Yes, that means it might be a good idea to talk to us before you have your salary budget set!
  • Mapping a Clear Role with Proper Qualifications – We’ll work with you to create a job description that’s clear, concise, and accurately depicts what the role entails – so there’s no misalignment happening. Since we have the pleasure of understanding the candidate’s perspective as well, we know how to craft a message that will resonate with and target your ideal candidate. Usually when employers come to us with set qualifications and requirements for a job, they end up being the wrong ones and get adjusted later on after much time has been wasted. Because we have a better view of the candidate pool, we know what is realistic and more importantly, what is likely to be successful for the client. Want to know what your perfect candidate for a specific role may look like? We can help map this!
  • Making the Hiring Experience Memorable –  If you’re serious about finding and retaining the best of the best, a thoughtful development of your recruitment strategy is crucial. By bringing in outside perspectives, we can bring in new viewpoints and help identify potential areas of improvement. We all know that first impressions matter, and this is relevant especially for new employees. Making sure the candidates you are interested in have a great experience from their first initial contact with your company matters, and we can help deliver that.
  • Thinking About Succession Planning Early On –  We can help map core competencies and to plan a pipeline of talent, so you are building sales leaders for the future, with the skillsets your growing business needs and wants. 

Starting the conversation with your recruiter early in the hiring process can only lead to a more attractive job and may open your eyes to opportunities you may be missing out on.

As a niche recruiter, we are well-versed in the Fintech industry and can help you lay an effective recruitment foundation. Finiti Search is here to help your organisation hire quickly and efficiently. For more information visit finitisearch.com/client