5 resolutions to help grow your sales team in 2024

| 5 minutes

Forget going to the gym more often or cutting down on the chocolate biscuits. We’ve been talking to some of our clients about how they’re approaching Fintech sales recruitment in the new year and the changes they want to make. 

Here are our top resolutions Chief Revenue Officers need to put in place to make sure they’re securing top sales talent in 2024.

1. Have a clear budget (and some contingency) 

Budgets are stretched at the moment, but with candidates entering more recruitment processes than ever before, you don’t want to miss out on a top sales performer because of a relatively small amount of money. 

Extending the recruitment process or hiring an underperformer will almost certainly cost more — as much as three times their salary according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

If there’s no wiggle room on base salary, really think about what you could offer around equity, commission structure, health and wellbeing and short-term guarantees. 

Clear, compelling incentives not only set you aside from the competition but will make sure your new hire is motivated from the moment they start. 

2. Plan out the recruitment timeline and process

A candidate-rich market has given some companies a false sense of security. 

We’ve seen CROs take their time with the final stages of recruitment only to miss out on their frontrunner because they’ve been snapped up by a competitor. 

Before going live with your recruitment, have the full process and timeline mapped out. Make sure you, and any other decision makers, have key dates in your diary — in pen. 

Having that clear plan will help maintain momentum, avoiding the stop-start stalling that risks candidates losing patience and losing interest. 

3. Ignore resolution number 2

As important as the process is, you sometimes need to be opportunistic when it comes to hiring top sales talent. 

If you’re confident you’ve found a great fit and you’ve covered everything you wanted to… end the recruitment process and make them an offer. A strong offer. 

It shows the candidate how serious you are and how good a fit you think they’ll be for your team, helping you get ahead of other offers and avoid missing out.

It’s also more respectful to other candidates in the process; they may not have been your top choice this time, but if they’re strong enough to be on your shortlist, you want to leave them with a positive impression of your company as an employer. 

4. Apply your sales mindset to the recruitment process 

Before thinking about the job description or where to advertise, make sure you’re clear on the selling points for your company and the role. 

Try to go beyond generic perks or statements everyone’s heard before about growth and being ambitious — be specific. 

Just as you think through what you want from a candidate for the job spec, have a clear list of what your Sales Team and business offers candidates that you can weave into your comms throughout the recruitment process. 

5. Find the right partner

Making a successful hire relies on having the best, most relevant candidates in the recruitment process from day one. 

Rather than hoping your dream candidate just happens to stumble across your ad amongst the 58 million other companies posting on LinkedIn, working with the right recruitment partner can make the process quicker and more successful. 

Industry expertise is critical. The right recruitment partner will be able not only to identify the best-fit candidates but to sell your opportunity to them based on their knowledge of the candidate, the business, and the industry. 

It’s something we do a lot with our Fintech talent network. Very often we’re able to draw passive candidates who weren’t job hunting into the recruitment process by matchmaking their strengths and motivations with the hiring company. 

For help finding your perfect fintech sales hire and making these 2024 resolutions a reality, get in touch with the Finiti team to tell us more about your vacancy, your business, and your dream candidate.