The Top Questions New Clients Ask Us

| 5 minutes

At Finiti we’ve been matching top sales talent to their perfect Fintech roles for over 15 years. No other recruitment firm does what we do, or how we do it. 


Here are the most common questions we get from new clients about what makes Finiti unique and why so many Fintech market leaders choose us. 


What’s your specialism?  

We’re pretty different from other recruitment agencies. We don’t recruit for all roles. We don’t recruit for all sectors. We’re highly specialised: not just sales, not just Fintech, but sales roles within Fintech. 


That level of specialism allows us to deliver a completely unique service. We know the market inside out, we know and have worked with many of the biggest industry names, and we have an extensive talent network.


If you’re looking to recruit a general sales role, there are lots of agencies that can help with that. If you’re in Fintech and looking to find your next sales leader, we’re the only specialists in the market. 


What’s your set up?

Finiti is a boutique agency. Our tight focus on Fintech sales roles means we have a small team of Fintech experts, not offices full of generalists. 


Female founded and run, we’re a small team that’s focused on client delivery and great results. All clients work directly with our Founders, Kate Sharland and Alison Power, benefitting from their expertise and connections throughout the recruitment process. 


We might be a small team, but our specialism in Fintech sales mean we’re the go-to recruitment partners for some of the biggest names and most exciting prospects in the industry, who work with us time and time again. 


We love seeing our clients grow; from working with PayPal when they were just a handful of people to helping promising startups find their first sales leader, our approach is about building relationships, not just filling a vacancy. 


What’s the process? How will you find the right person?  

One of the most common questions any recruitment company gets is about how they’re going to find candidates. The Finiti process is different from other recruiters you may have worked with: we start with the people. 


We always meet the hiring manager, and – as we’re specialists in senior appointments – usually sit down with the CEO or Founder to understand their business goals and how they hope this new hire will deliver. It’s about getting a feel for the person they’re looking for as well as the skills. 


Because we’re focused solely on Fintech sales roles, we understand the different companies in the industry, how they work, and who is likely to enjoy and succeed in a particular environment. 


Our “little black book” is actually a huge network that we proactively maintain and grow. We often place candidates multiple times throughout their careers, getting to know the personalities and motivations behind the CVs. This means that often when we get a new brief, a couple of great candidates spring to mind, including ones that may not currently be actively job hunting. 


What’s your reach? Do you recruit internationally? 

New clients often ask about our international reach: how can we find the perfect candidate for a role in San Francisco when we’re based in London? 


We recruit for roles all over the world and most of our business last year was in North America – the largest international market for Fintech with over 10,000 Fintech firms


We never outsource or use third parties – we don’t need to. Our network is the only Fintech sales talent network and has been carefully curated and grown over several decades. 


Whether the role is in London or Paris, New York or Singapore, we have connections all over the world and use that network to find the perfect match. 


How do we get started? 

If you’re interested in working with Finiti, get in touch via the contact form on our website or find us on LinkedIn.